Tensile test bench

static tests

The tensile test bench

We can carry out static tensile tests up to 500 kN (approx. 50t).

The tensile tests are documented by video and a force diagram.

By positioning the cylinder differently, we can also simulate a pull that is offset by up to 30°.


Impact test bench

dynamic push attempts

The impact test bench

In this test bench we can carry out reproducible impact tests.

This enables us to compare different structures and surface protection systems with each other through comparative tests.

With full ballast, an 8t machine is simulated that hits at 3km/h.


Continuous load

The continuous vibration test

In this vibration test, the locating bolts are tested for their continuous load.

The expected load changes were assumed to be 2,500,000. By testing over 10,000,000 load changes and 1.6 times overloading, we have planned for collateral.

The sample is subjected to a preload force of 20kN.

Afterwards the sample is subjected to a pulsating load with a force amplitude of 10kN.