Mission Statement

Our Philosophy



We, Tenwinkel GmbH & Co.KG, have been developing and producing technical ballast weights as well as technical components according to the original idea of Heinrich Tenwinkel since 1959. Since 2008 we have been guided by our mission statement. We are world market leader.

Guiding Values


  • We comply with safety standards!
  • We act with foresight!
  • We stand up for each other!


  • We treat each other with respect and honesty, we act conscientiously and learn from our mistakes!
  • We have confidence and keep building on it!
  • We guarantee quality and keep our word!


  • We treat our employees and partners with respect and honesty!
  • Through flexibility and joy of work, we achieve our goals together!
  • We are a team!

Goal Orientation

-We know our goals and know what we want!
-We develop new things and implement them with joy!
-Success is our common goal!

Customers & Markets

Our customers are medium-sized to large companies and distributors. For our customers, we produce any kind of special ballast from light to heavy.

Suppliers & Cooperation Partners

Our suppliers and cooperation partners know us personally. We are on the same wavelength. Price, performance, and quality are prerequisites. Flexibility and trustworthy communication are a must!


We at Tenwinkel are people with good receptivity and the ability to implement. We continuously develop our knowledge and skills. The "togetherness" in our company is based on openness, sincerity, and the ability to take criticism - we are sociable people.

With Each Other

We treat each other with respect.
We achieve our goals together.
We compensate weaknesses with strengths.

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