Stand tower crane


Serial products

We supply our customers with a ready-to-install stand for a rotating tower crane.

This crane can then be repositioned quickly and easily using an indoor crane or a forklift. Four adjustable feet enable alignment. The integrated distributor facilitates the power supply at the different positions.

With this product, depending on the crane design, we can provide the most economically sensible weight through different densities.

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Stable cleaning robot


Serial products

We supply our customers with ready-to-use weights. A set of weights consists of a front and a rear weight with a total of 180 kg. Feedthroughs and threads are built into the weights so that the customer can attach the circuit boards, gas springs, etc. without further work.


Buoy weight 3000 kg

Small series

Thirty of these 3t heavy concrete weights were made. These weights could be pulled over by the buoy during sea transport. The weights were transported from Vreden to Constanta (Romania). Today the weights are sunk in the Gulf of Arabia.


Counterweight work platform

Individual production

This weight is required for the work platform of a larger lathe. It weighs 9200 kg including attachments and has a total of 125 threaded inserts.