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Our density

up to 4,15 kg/dm³

With reinforced concrete (2.4kg / dm³) we offer a cost-effective alternative to other ballast systems.

If the installation space requires a higher density, we can offer this up to a density of 4.15 kg / dm³ without the addition of steel scrap.
Our computer-controlled mixer enables us to also produce intermediate densities.

We can therefore offer you the most economical product in terms of volume and density.


Heavy concrete

More compact than concrete

Our heavy concrete

In contrast to the use of heavy concrete as radiation protection we are interested in producing inexpensive compact ballast. For this reason we have concentrated on the ideal density of the heavy concrete.

We have developed a recipe for our products and applications in order to be able to produce heavy concrete with a density of approx. 4.1kg / dm³.

We produce a homogeneous concrete mass without adding scrap. As a result the center of gravity of the weight lies in the calculated point in a series production.

By adding steel scrap, higher densities can be achieved.

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Thick coating

In order to provide our solid heavy concrete weights with additional protection against collision and impact in exposed areas, we have developed a thick coating for which a patent is pending. This coating prevents material from breaking out in the event of an impact.

This coating is applied to the ballast in a separate process. The system enables to create different surface structures and can be painted in the color of your choice.

In the video we simulate an 8 t vehicle that hits a point at a speed of 3 km / h!

Our internal trials

This is what Wikipedia says about heavy concrete

Heavy Concrete

Heavy concrete is concrete with a dry bulk density of 2800 kg / m³ to 4500 kg / m³.