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With our wide range of weights we have the right solution!

Tractor weights

For the different needs in agriculture, we offer a variety of solutions. Depending on your preference and requirements, you can choose between different design and material series.

  • The OG Serie is optically based on an older bonnet.
  • Die NG Serie is similar to suitcase weights.
  • Die TW-MAG Serie is made of heavy concrete and is therefore very compact.
  • Die ECO/TOP Serie is an inexpensive, optically simple alternative.

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Choosing the right weight saves fuel and thus protects our environment and your finances.

Weights have different tasks these days. With the further technologicalization of agriculture, the balancing of forces and masses became more and more important. With the increasing performance of the tractors, ballasting out as well as ballasting up becomes more necessary. With additional mass, the increased power-to-weight ratio can minimize slippage.


With the advent of the front loader, the balance weight in the rear hydraulics has become necessary in order to have the axle loads with loaded shovels not only on the front axle.
Nowadays, with the large upscale agricultural implements in the rear hydraulics, ballasting through our weights in the front hydraulics is necessary. By choosing the right weight, the axle loads specified by the tractor manufacturer are adhered to. The tractor's power can therefore be used best possible thanks to the all-wheel drive.

Your advantages

Our weights

Raised customer-specific logos are possible.
Our weights are cast from high-quality reinforced concrete in a visually appealing design. The entire weight is painted glossy.
Our weights can be equipped with a maneuvering coupling, which enables vehicles to be coupled and uncoupled quickly.
Our front weights can be attached to and detached from your front hydraulics easily, quickly and without any effort thanks to standard-compliant suspensions.
Your front hydraulics and the counterweight always load your tractor evenly.
Overloading of the front axles that promotes wear and tear caused by expensive cast weights become past.
You, your front hydraulics and the weight form one unit in order to use your tractor completely and to protect it.
Due to the standardization, the front weight also fits into the rear hydraulic of your tractor. The weights are easy to use as a rear weight with top link.